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The First Step in Believing That You Can Do Something Is Seeing How Someone Else Did It...

We all struggle the very first time we attempt something. We struggle even more when the thing we are attempting is difficult. Becoming an overseas contractor will change your life. But there will be two main struggles at first: believing that you can do it, and finding actionable information. I personally struggled hard initially, as there was no one to teach me anything, and no one to answer all of my questions.

Specifically I wanted to know…

  • How much money should I ask for?
  • What’s the typical work schedule?
  • Who are the major companies hiring?
  • What are the bad companies to avoid?
  • What’s it like in different countries?
  • Will I be on or off base?
  • What’s the deployment process?

Unfortunately at the time, no one was there to answer any of these questions… I had to wing it.

How Could Anyone Know If Overseas Contracting Is Right For Them If There Was No Info?

Simple answer? Money. When I was finally offered my first job, it paid $155K/yr. For that kind of money I figured I’d try anything. I struggled and stumbled along the way because I just had no idea how the system worked. I was sometimes embarrassed or taken advantage of by people who knew more. But eventually, I learned.

Let’s Start At The Beginning… First, How Do You Know This Is Even A Good Idea?

Is Overseas Contracting Right For You?

Take this simple assessment to find out.

    1 Do you have a criminal record of any felony convictions?

    Unfortunately, having a record of a felony will disqualify you from most overseas work. Rare exceptions may be made for convictions having nothing to do with violence, drugs or socially destructive behaviors, but usually it is just easier for a company to hire someone without a record. Some countries even have laws about foreign workers stating they can have no record of any kind (including misdemeanors). As such, a felony on your record will likely mean you cannot become an overseas contractor.

    Sorry, you aren't a good candidate.

    Awesome! Having a clean criminal record is ideal. Some misdemeanors can be overlooked (especially traffic violations) but some countries do have laws about foreign workers stating they can have no record of any kind- including misdemeanors. There is some Dept of State negotiating happening right now over this, but the stricter countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, don’t generally allow for any record at all. Luckily, there are plenty of jobs overseas in other countries, so very minor things are generally overlooked.

    2 Do you have more than $5,000 in credit card debt?

    It’s unfortunate, but most Americans get stuck in way too much debt. And the problem is, once you start getting in debt, it’s next to impossible to ever get out. If you’re like most people, just living a normal life takes most of your pay. The one way to break away from that financial prison is going overseas and earning a tax free six figure salary. That way you can rid yourself of that debt once and for all.

    That’s good. You’re in the minority. You probably have purposely made smart financial decisions. Picture what you could do if you had huge paychecks to make decisions with? What could you do then? What kind of future could you create? Fully funded retirement accounts? Real Estate? What could be possible if you had $100K to put to work for you?

    3 Are you married or single?

    Married… Married- Having a family is tough… and expensive. It seems like there’s just always something that MUST be paid for, so you never have anything left over. As the old saying goes, there’s just too much month at the end of the money. It’s a cycle. And the only way to break free of that cycle is to do something different. Insanity is doing the same thing again and again, but expecting a different result. Why not try a little time in the sand in exchange for putting your family in a great financial position?

    Believe me when I say, being single is a very big advantage in life. You are free to do what’s best for yourself. You don’t have to put a spouse or children ahead of your own interests. As such, now is the time, before you have family concerns that limit your life choices, to take advantage of the opportunity to go do a year or two in the big sandbox and set yourself up for life.

    4 Do you own a home?

    That’s great, but how cool would it be if you had that house paid off entirely? That’s the kind of thing that’s possible if you’re willing to work hard and do the thing that could get that house paid off within just a year or two. Imagine the feeling of security that would bring. How would it be to know that come what may, you paid that house off and now you’ll always have a place to stay?

    This means you are free to go wherever you want- and it only makes sense to go where you’ll earn and save the most. You’re not tied down to any one place, which means you have a lot more freedom to do what’s best for yourself. And if you want a house some day, this is the fastest way to build up the money to make sure you can start off with a nice one instead of a cheap one that fits a tight budget.

    5 Do you currently owe on your vehicle?

    What it would it be like to pay it off in just a couple of months and have no miles added to it in the next year? Auto debt is the second biggest source of debt in America. It’s a noose around most people’s necks. What are you going to do… you have to have something to get back and forth to work, right? The solution to this problem is simple… go overseas and pay that sucker off so that all you have to think about is oil changes.

    That’s good news, but odds are that if you don’t owe on your vehicle, it’s because it’s an older model. You’ve either paid it off and it’s aged, or you bought it cheap because it was already older when ya got it. You may even like your older vehicle. But wouldn’t it be great to come home to a much newer and nicer model? It’s easy to reward yourself like that once you’ve worked overseas for just a short time.

    6 Do you have any school debt?

    Student debt is becoming a major difficulty in the US. And thanks to lobbyists, this is now debt that will never go away. It’s a burden that can follow you and weigh you down for many years. Why not get rid of it in the quickest way possible? Just pull the trigger and break free from all debt… do a year or two of overseas work, then return to a whole new life, free from debt of any kind.

    Many Americans have gotten themselves into a troubling amount of debt, just trying to make better lives for themselves. If you have any future plans on going back to school, maybe finishing that degree you started, then student loan debt is a likely future you are facing. How good would it be to avoid that noose when they try to slip it around your neck for life by simply saying “no loans, I have the savings to pay my own way.”?

    7 Have you ever been overseas before?

    Great! Then you know what it’s like to be outside of your own culture and comfort zone. Defense Contractors value that experience because their worst nightmare is to recruit someone, screen their background and drug test them, fly them to a deployment center for a week, then fly them all the way to the middle east, only for them to quit within the first week.

    That’s actually OK. What’s most important is your job skills, background and work history. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find people who don’t have a criminal background, can pass a drug test, pass a basic physical, and have the right skills and experience to do the job well… and on top of that, they’re brave enough to travel overseas to do it.

    8 As an overseas contractor, would you want to work in a conflict zone?

    That’s good because that’s where the money is at. Places like Iraq and Afghanistan still need thousands of contractors to support the US mission. Conflict zone positions offer the highest pay and best benefits.

    There are only 2 countries where there are direct conflicts we’re involved in. Yet we have US installations and thousands of support contractors in most countries in the middle east. Places like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and The UAE are conflict free, and yet still offer all kinds of opportunities for Americans looking to become overseas contractors.

    9 Do you have a degree or any professional certifications?

    Again, this is really good. Overseas contractor firms need candidates with proven qualifications. When these overseas contracts are set up, there are position descriptions that go along with each job. They also have certain preferred qualifications. If you have the right certifications, it makes you a highly valued candidate.

    Is it because they’re too expensive? Working as an overseas contractor will definitely fix that. If you don’t have those special qualifications yet, there are still lots of unskilled positions that typically must be staffed by an American with a good background and a clean drug test; things like mailroom attendant (that way packages don’t go missing), work crew foreman (someone has to ensure the cheap labor crews actually do the job decently) or gym attendant. There are also certain US bases that simply don’t allow any foreigners at all, so everything from office cleaning to foodservice has to be staffed by Americans.

    10 How bad do you want to bank $75K-$100K in the next year and change your life?

    Then do something about it. Don’t be one of those sad sacks that sits on the fence. That’s for indecisive losers. You know from being in the military that someone has to take charge. Well when it comes to your life decisions, that’s you. You’re the one that has to change your life. The opportunity is right there. Your military background gives you the perfect experience for this.

    You are a good candidate for overseas jobs

    Having doubts? Ultimately, you know from your work experience that someone has to take charge. Well when it comes to your life decisions, that’s you. It’s your responsibility. You’re the one that has to change your life. The opportunity is right there. Your military background gives you the perfect experience for this. Take advantage of it before things change and the opportunity is gone.

    You are a good candidate for overseas jobs

    From There, You Have Three Options…

    Option #1: Do Nothing.

    This is the easiest option with the least resistance.

    Ah yes, the option of temporary comfort, complacency, and long-term regret. If you choose this option, you will almost guarantee yourself a rough life. It seems easier at first, but it keeps you from making any real progress. I spent years on this path… unmotivated, under-appreciated, underpaid, and undervalued. Let me tell you… this is no way to live.

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    Option #2: Try To Figure It All Out By Yourself.

    This option is at least a better choice than option #1. It will point you in the right direction. There’s a chance of improving things. But this option has its own flaws. I’m very familiar with its flaws because I went down this road myself.

    If this is your choice, here’s what you can expect…

    Χ Weeks, months and maybe even years of wasted time with no results...

    Χ The painful realization that your reality is still nowhere near your dreams after a lot of lost time...

    Χ Likely rejection when you finally get an interview because the hiring manager realizes you don't understand the contracting world...

    Even if you somehow get lucky and get an offer, the game isn’t over. You’ll need to know exactly what to look for in that offer- overlook any of the 5 critical components of any offer and you’ll find yourself in a very unfavorable position. It’s nearly impossible to know all these things if you don’t educate yourself first.

    If you don’t want a ton of time wasted, disappointment, mistakes along the way… if you want me to guide you through the process… you’ll like this next option.

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    Option #3: Let Me Personally Help You Secure Your First Overseas Contract.

    You can have an advantage I never had. One that would allow you to more easily secure a high-paying, freedom-creating, life-changing overseas contract. Our Finding Freedom course is that advantage.

    For the past twelve years, I’ve been working in the Overseas Contracting industry. Now, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing all my hard-won secrets so you can achieve financial independence even faster than I did.

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    Learn More About The Finding Freedom System

    Remember, You're Just One Contract Away...


    “OMG I love it! It’s very professionally put together and easy to listen to. I love how you've incorporated your real life experiences with the information being provided!”

    Brity Punzal, Former Overseas Contractor
    Doha, Qatar


    “I wish I had something like this before I went overseas. Contractor Kev has good tempo, volume, and what he teaches is really interesting.“

    Ryan Robinson, US Army and Former Contractor
    Baghdad, Iraq