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"Finding Freedom"

A Roadmap to Freedom

Discover how I used Overseas Contracting to
save over $10,000 a month as a civilian contractor 
- and how YOU can too!
Learn how to go from where you are now to where you want to be!

"Finding Freedom"
is new for 2020!!!

Join thousands of U.S. Civilians now...

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““OMG I Love it! Its very professionally put together and easy to listen to. I love how you’ve incorporated your real life experiences with the information being provided!"

Brity Punzal, Former Overseas Contractor,
Doha, Qatar


“I loved how at the end the lesson, you retold what you said. That was brilliant. Not many websites that are teaching do that. I've watched many 'how to' videos, and I haven't seen that done before."

Ben Weldon, Former Overseas Contractor,
Basrah, Iraq